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Yarrrr, ’tis a fresh batch of spicy tuna!” title=”Yarrrr, ’tis a fresh batch of spicy tuna!” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

Maria Menounos is in New York for baseball's All-Star festivities.  That included playing in yesterday's Legends or Whatever Softball Game, where she donned Red Sox gear.  She then joined David Ortiz, Stacy Keibler, and others at last night's "Pose-Off" party (posing being one of Red Sox fans' best skills) sponsored by some kind of distilled spirit.  I don't know who that dashing corporate mascot might be.  Jose Cuervo, maybe?  Jack Daniel?  This is one mystery that may just have to go unsolved.

In a related story, I would pay rent to live in Maria Menounos's pants.  "Menounos" is a Greek name, right?  Oh man, and you know what they say about the Greeks: they're the spiritual founders of democracy.

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