06.29.09 9 years ago 7 Comments

Mariano Rivera earned his 500th save last night. But the Yankees reliever helped his team complete a sweep of their subway rival Mets in a very impressive and badass way.

Rivera entered the game with two outs in the eigth inning and his team leading, 3-2. But when Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez walked Derek Jeter to load the bases against , the Yankees–desperate to keep their closer in the game–sent Rivera in to bat. Rodriguez fell behind in the count, 2-0, before filling it up, 3-2. Rodriguez threw an inside fastball that was called ball four, walking in a run and earning Rivera his first career RBI.

Rivera then retired the side to earn a 4-2 win for his team and save No. 500; he’s only the second guy in history to do it (Trevor Hoffman was the first, but he played in San Diego and only made the World Series once, so that’s why you never heard of him. And anyway, ESPN hates San Diego). And now the New York media will start another bogus MVP campaign for him. Nobody has gotten more ink for pitching 11 percent of a game than this guy. The only MVP closer in history was dropped out of the Enola Gay in 1945. Hehe. Gay.

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