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Major League Baseball recently concluded an investigation regarding an SB Nation report that Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera was caught spitting on the baseball during his appearance in Game 3 of the ALCS yesterday. Rivera was seen spitting in the general direction of the ball before the camera cut away to Angels manager Mike Scioscia. Emphasis added:

he initial reaction by the league had been that the video plus still pictures they have of the incident were inconclusive if Rivera actually spit on or near the ball. But after further review of what it had, the Commissioners Office determined that Rivera was not spitting directly on the ball.

On still pictures in MLB’s possession, it apparently looks as if Rivera is spitting near, but not on, the ball. Also, as even the league office is aware, Rivera is a player who spits constantly while in action. NYPost, via SB Nation.

Whatever. Pitchers that cheat are the ones that really do a disservice to the game. You think I want to spend three hours watching a 1-0 game? Actually, I do like those, but the girls I take to the game can never sit still through them. I blame the lack of offense. Or maybe it’s crabs. vid from Deadspin.

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