This Marine Wants To Take Ronda Rousey To The Marine Ball In December

Very few men are brave enough to scrounge up the courage to ask Ronda Rousey out on a date, but North Carolina-based Marine Jarrod Haschert is now one of those men. Josh got coerced into courting Ronda by his roommate, and luckily for him, it just might work.

Haschert pleads to Ronda to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball on Dec. 11 via Facebook video and his request has garnered nearly four million views so far.

“You are my celebrity crush,” Jarrod proclaims in the 34-second long video. “I love everything you do, and I think you are a phenomenal person, which is why it would be my honor to take you to the Marine Corps Ball.”

As Jarrod notes, Ronda will be right in the thick of training for her Jan. 2 bout with Holly Holm around that time, so it may not be a request she’s able to meet. However, it’s one night out, and I’m guessing any gym within a 100-mile radius would be glad to house Ronda for a day.

This method of nabbing a celebrity for a date to the ball is tried and true, with celebs like Mila Kunis famously attending arm-in-arm with giddy Marines. With Rousey being the social-media maven that she is, it’s likely she’ll at least see Jarrod’s video. And knowing her, she’ll probably respond as well.

(H/T For The Win, via Jarrod Haschert)