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Football writer Scott Kacsmar took a look at the concept of what actually constitutes a “comeback” in NFL terms and found that, since comebacks are not kept as an official NFL stat, the PR departments of certain teams were free to make up any definition they pleased. But when Kacsmar ran the numbers on his own, he found out who the true Captain Comeback was. And it wasn’t John Elway. That’s redundant since you obviously read the headline, but anyway:

Once Kacsmar standardized the definitions and corrected some media guide oversights, he discovered that Elway had 34 true comebacks. Marino had 36. If you prefer to count the game-winning drives that started with fourth-quarter ties, then Marino still has a 51-49 edge. Any way you slice it, Marino is the real “comeback” king.

Elway may not even be second. Johnny Unitas was credited with 31 comebacks by Colts media guides, but they only counted regular-season comebacks, while Elway and Marino both got credit for playoff games. via.

Johnny Unitas also rocked a flattop haircut that was so badass that it’s still being duplicated today. Granted, the only place that’s happening is at WNBA games, but it’s still a sports staple nonetheless. It’s a haircut AND it’s a place to set your drink. Just make sure you use a coaster.

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