Mario Balotelli Leads AC Milan In Hissy Fits

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If AC Milan star Mario Balotelli is best known for anything it’s being an amazing soccer player. After that, it’s probably being a bit of a skirt-chasing party animal and his relationship(s) with Raffaella Fico. And a close runner-up to that is being the target or horrific, inexcusable racial hate at the hands of opposing fans and media outlets. And then maybe his ridiculous camouflage Bentley, because that’s what I always think of when someone mentions his name.

Then again, some people might also suggest that he’s best known for being a headache and malcontent with a history of strange behavior, but he has almost always shrugged that off. Perhaps he’s also shrugging off this weekend’s latest run of headaches, which included a yellow card, tantrum and a probable fine from the Italian government.

Balotelli, who has scored seven goals since his January move from Manchester City, also threw a tantrum at the end of the 2-2 draw against Fiorentina after he was involved in an altercation with rival goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano.

He stormed into the tunnel gesticulating angrily although it was not clear what had upset him.

Earlier, the 22-year-old Italian had been booked for failing to retreat at a free kick and he will miss next week’s Serie A match at home to Napoli, direct rivals in the race for a place in the Champions League, for accumulated yellow cards. (Via Reuters)

On Saturday, Balotelli was also busted smoking in the train’s bathroom as he was traveling with the team to Florence, and the train guard ratted him out to one of the team’s executives. He’ll likely receive a fine for that stupid move, and then he’ll cough and a stack of money will appear so that will all be taken care of.

Ultimately, none of this is really shocking news, but I wanted a reason to talk about these Nike cleats that were designed by street artist Mr. Dheo, because while I’ve made fun of Balotelli for spending a ton of cash to have his Bentley wrapped in camo, I have to at least pay respect to his consistency.

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