Mario Chalmers Finally Recorded A Rap Song

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11.13.12 2 Comments

Mario Chalmers finally recorded a rap song, and it’s got everything. Lens flares! Exploding pillars of flame! Big Boi’s sunglasses! Lay-up similes! Mario Chalmers dribbling a basketball in street clothes! An inflated sense of self-worth, as if he’s not totally the B.J. Armstrong of his team!

The only question is, “is it better than Kevin Druant’s rap song?” I want to say no (he doesn’t say “urrbody” enough), but I’ll let you be the judge. UNTITLED MARIO CHALMERS BASKETBALL-THEMED CLUB BANGER is after the jump.

Mario Chalmers from OLUGBENRO on Vimeo.

So, what do you think? And more importantly, if somebody said, “record a rap song where you don’t mention basketball” would he be able to do it, or would he just go “uhhhh, Mario Chalmers” into a microphone until somebody turned off the beat?

And seriously, if your rap name doesn’t end up being ‘Super Nintendo Chalmers,’ you’re dead to me.

(via SLAM Online)

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