Mark Brunell Soon To Be Bankrupt

06.25.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

It's a metaphor.

Three time Pro Bowl quarterback Mark Brunell is hoping to get more protection from the federal government than he could ever get from the Redskins offensive line, as the former Jaguars star is expected to file for bankruptcy later today. Brunell, who plans to sign with the New York Jets late next month, made 52 million dollars throughout the course of his career. He never could adapt to the salary of a clipboard holder, he was just so used to the starter life style.

Abel Harding of the Florida Times-Union reports that Brunell plans to make the filing today, despite earning $52 million during his career.

The tipping point seems to be multiple lawsuits resulting from failed business loans for which Brunell and others co-signed. The fact, however, that the total liability under those claims falls in the neighborhood of $3.3 million suggests that Brunell hasn’t squirreled away much, if any, of the money he made while playing. To qualify for bankruptcy protection, assets can’t exceed debts. Thus, Brunell necessarily has less money than he owes. –PFT

Failed business ventures, Mark? Really? If you’re going to lose 52 million, the least you could do is spend it yourself. Giving things to others is so overrated, that is, unless you’re giving someone a venereal disease. Why, Mark must be as crazy as Crazy John from Tire House and Rims.

You’re right, that guy is completely insane and probably on drugs. Funny story, he got his first loan from Mark Brunell. Mark’s a Christian, so maybe he should start a collection at his Church to help him get back on his feet. Although it is hard to see a group of rich, Christian, white people giving a poor person money. They’d probably tell him to “get a job, hippie” and explain all of the benefits of trickle down economics. Mark would still be broke, but at least he would have been given the greatest gift of all: a lecture on the state of the economy.

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