Mark Buehrle Wanted Michael Vick To Get Hurt

02.11.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

Everyone knows Mark Buehrle and his wife love dogs. A couple months ago, he saved a dog with an arrow stuck in it and made sure it found a good home. It’s not surprising that Buehrle doesn’t like Michael Vick, but the fact that he wanted him to get hurt while he was playing in the NFL this season?

“He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game, and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt,” Buehrle told in a recent interview. “Everything you’ve done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys.”

The story, which was published on Wednesday, centered around the animal rights work Buehrle does with wife Jamie. Sometime after being posted, the comments were edited out of the text and a note was attached: “This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.”

The writer, Scott Merkin, also posted the quotes on his Twitter account, but the tweets were later deleted. –New York Daily News.

Sure, people are certainly allowed to not welcome Vick with open arms after his comeback this season, but hoping that he got hurt so he got justice served to him? Isn’t that why he went to prison? I’m sure there were unspeakable things that he dealt with in jail, and I personally feel that he’s done all he could to make up for what he’s done. Maybe Buehrle wants Vick to tongue-kiss every dog he has owned. Would that be enough for him? This just in: Buehrle said that would be fine. We now have a developing story: Mark Buehrle is sort of creepy.

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