Mark Cuban And Charlie Sheen Joining Forces?

It seems fitting that Mark Cuban, a famous guy who never shuts his mouth, would talk to Charlie Sheen, a man who is rapidly reaching that stage as the random-ass tweets keep popping out of his Twitter account. I’m sure these two creative minds will definitely come up with something coherent that doesn’t consist of any ranting at all.

Mark Cuban, the outspoken billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and controversial actor Charlie Sheen could soon be business partners.

Cuban confirmed Sunday evening that he’s had several conversations with Sheen recently about developing programming for HDNet, the cable network Cuban owns.

“You’ve got somebody that everybody has a whole lot of interest in who’s doing some interesting things, to say the least, and we always look for interesting programming by featuring interesting people doing interesting things,” Cuban said before the Mavericks’ game against the Memphis Grizzlies. “I reached out and we’ve had some conversations, and we’re going to work on doing some things.” –ESPN.

Putting Sheen in charge of programming could be a huge disaster or… a huge disaster. I admit, I’d probably watch some kind of reality show about Sheen for the first couple times, but I feel like it would get old. He makes Brian Wilson seem sensible.

Seriously, is the Sheen stuff getting old yet to anyone? I’m just taking an informal poll about it. Right now, I see his quotes as just giving motivation to a bunch of douches and justifying their actions. I don’t want to get on my high horse, since I’m susceptible to nosebleeds, but some drug-addled, one-dimensional actor doesn’t really need this big of a microphone to speak with. Feel free to throw tiger blood at me in the comments.

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