Mark Hunt Beats Down Derrick Lewis In A Monster Truck War Of A Heavyweight Battle At UFC Auckland

All of the hype leading up to the heavyweight monster truck battle more formally known as Derrick Lewis vs. Mark Hunt revolved around the fight being the epitome of violence. There was no way they would see a judge. Between the two of them, there were 25 knockouts and scant few visits to the scorecards.
Add in the subtext of an on-the-cusp Lewis and an aging-but-motivated Hunt, and you had yourself a fight in New Zealand.

The knowledge that the fight could end at any time wasn’t lost on anyone in the arena, and the commentary team was constantly oohing and awing with every strike thrown. The fighters were cautious, but it was one of those throwdowns that give you sweaty palms even with 15 total strikes thrown in the first round.

The second round was more feeling out mixed with insanely heavy clashes that blew out the windows of my apartment. Hunt rocked Lewis and chased him down, but Lewis recovered and threw ten tons of leather himself. As we moved into the third, Lewis stepped up his volume and threw no less than 6 or 7 uppercuts that would barely miss Hunto’s skull.

It seemed like Lewis’ bursts of energy would cost him, as his hands would go firmly on his hips for the latter half of the third. Hunt took advantage, landing shots to the body with ease, but knowing that Lewis’ power would never totally be gone. In the 4th, Hunt would continue stalking Lewis until the “Black Beast” could take it no longer. Utterly exhausted he got worked by Hunt until the ref said, “no more.”

Sadly, Derrick Lewis said this could be his final fight in the UFC due to a back injury and wanting to be with his family. Wasn’t this the first fight on his new contract? Damn. Hopefully we don’t lose him.