Mark in Da Air Canada Centre

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04.29.11 2 Comments

In a story that almost made me break out the “Yahoo Serious Festival” screen grab from The Simpsons, the Toronto Maple Leafs (the real NHL hockey team, in real life) have signed Mark Owuya, a 21-year old rapping Swedish goalie, to an entry-level contract. Sure, Mark did great in his 32 games in the Swedish Elite League last season, but he’s also a failed American Idol contestant who calls himself “Mark in Da Park” and uploads songs about poppin’ that thang to YouTube.

“After each game, I’d do a rap,” he said. “On the buses, some guys may start beat-boxing and I’ll start freestyling about stuff that happened.”

Yeah dude that sounds great. Here’s a clip of his tryout for Swedish Idol, wherein he compares his penis to a banana and breaks out the phrase “like a motherf**ker” on Swedish TV. I guess they don’t care about that kind of thing. Swedish is great because it’s all mixed up with other languages, and even the Swedish sparts sound like jacked up English. So here’s a clippin dur American Yodel!

Thank goodness he has a professional hockey career to fall back on.

[via Hot Clicks]

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