Mark Munoz Came In Like A Filipino Wrecking Ball At The World MMA Awards

02.12.14 5 years ago

The World MMA Awards can generally be hit-and-miss with their skits and overall presentation (Hit: Dear Wandy; Miss: Slap Wow; Both: Drunk-Ass Diego Sanchez), but this year’s installment features a pretty big hit. Enter UFC middleweight, Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz and a spectacular “Wrecking Ball” parody. It may not be timely (I honestly don’t know if things are ever timely since I still latch onto jokes from like fifteen years ago), but considering Mark Munoz lands ‘Donkey Kong’ ground and pound, I’m letting it slide.

The only issue I have with the video is how badly it shows its age. Munoz nickname-drops Michael “The Count” Bisping, who pulled out of their Fight Night main event at the end of September, and it’s not like they’re making up the missed fight, since Bisping is fighting another singer/song parodyist, Tim Kennedy.

You can catch Mark Munoz and the rest of the World MMA Awards on Sunday on your local Fox Sports affiliate.

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