ESPN’s Mark Schlereth Was Moved To Tears Discussing Ray Rice, Domestic Violence And The NFL

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09.09.14 20 Comments

Today on Sportscenter, former NFL offensive lineman and current ESPN commentator Mark Schlereth was asked about the Ray Rice video, specifically whether it should be shown on television. Schlereth, who has two daughters of his own, was moved to tears saying, “It was frightening for me to see that. The violence that occurred, the callous nature with which that violence occurred. Um, I guess I had never gone through that mentally before.”

We often chide ESPN for their blowhard segments, with folks like Stephen A and Skip Bayless screaming nonsensically at each other. But this? This was real. This was a guy coming face-to-face with domestic violence for what looks like the first time in his life and it was kind of powerful.

[The Big Lead]

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