Marlins Man Went To The Jaguars Game And Wore His Jersey Into A Pool

Our favorite sports fan is Marlins Man. If you aren’t familiar with his backstory, Marlins Man’s real name is Laurence Leavy. He runs a law firm in Florida and, after a cancer scare, decided to start going to as many sporting events as possible. He has become a fixture at just about everything you can imagine. World Series? He’s been there. NBA Finals? That too. All three legs of the Triple Crown this year? You bet that he went to that. Leavy is also a really good dude who hooks people up with tickets to games and makes big donations to various organizations.

On Thursday night, Leavy decided to stay in the Sunshine State and head to the matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans. Sure, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing game in league history, but Leavy’s the kind of dude who always seems to have fun when he goes to sporting events. He did that at EverBank Field by going to the pool in the corner of the stadium, throwing on his swimming trunks and hopping into the water.

The best part of this? Marlins Man decided that he was going to go for a dip while he was wearing his trademark bright orange Marlins jersey (and a snorkel!) because he’s the best.