Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders In NFL Hall Of Fame

The people entering the NFL Hall of Fame this year were announced, and it’s not like there were any big surprises or controversies. Curtis Martin and Willie Roaf, along with a couple others, were expected to also make it this season but didn’t. Either way, no one will make a gigantic deal out of this like every single baseball writer ever.

Sanders and Marshall Faulk led a class of seven voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. Joining them were Shannon Sharpe, Richard Dent, Ed Sabol, Les Richter and Chris Hanburger. -FOX Sports.

Does anyone appreciate the little conflict that arises when NFL players are chosen for the Hall of Fame? It seems to go by pretty easily with no people writing ranting columns on “character” and such, or maybe I’m just being selective. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m not some supercomputer football machine thing. Although, that would be pretty cool.

I’ll admit, I’m a little young to recognize the names of Dent, Richter, or Hanburger (who is a letter away from being a very delicious food), but I’ve definitely heard of the others, as they’ve made a much bigger dent in the minds of the average fan. Their contributions (especially Sabol’s with NFL Films and how it’s given football fans much more than they could have expected out of the game) will certainly be recognized with their additions to the Hall of Fame.

Also, like everyone else, I have to see Sharpe’s equine mug all over pre- and postgame shows on NFL Sundays. He makes Sarah Jessica Parker look mildly attractive, and that’s saying a lot.

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