Marshawn Lynch Obliterates A Kid During A Blocking Drill At His Football Camp

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@beastmode making men out of these boys. @fam1stfam

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Okay, so imagine you’re a big, tough guy entering Marshawn Lynch’s football camp looking to sharpen your skills so you can be prepared for the gridiron this fall. You dominate back home, and no one can touch you. But you know that the only way to improve is by training with players better than you. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone if you want to spend time in the red zone — you need to learn how to enter Beast Mode™. Who better to guide you to this mythical frame of mind than Marshawn Lynch?

So, you arrive at Marshawn’s football camp, and you may even be working over dudes on the practice field, but then the Super Bowl champ tosses his Skittles aside and calls on you to run a blocking drill. It’s time to step up, but you quickly go down.

Then Marshawn Lynch jiggles his body all over you after he blows you up. Not only does he jiggle non-stop, he’s so hyped he can’t stop jiggling. He feels the Beast Mode™ exit his body, and he is essentially exercising the Beast Mode™ demons. Retirement be damned, he’s celebrating that play.

Look at him. Look at him jiggle.


You can’t stop the Beast Mode™. You can’t stop the jiggle. You can only one day hope to enter the Beast Mode™ so that you too can jiggle. That’s why you went to Marshawn Lynch’s football camp.

(Via Complex)