Marshawn Lynch Retired From The NFL In Typical Marshawn Lynch Fashion

When it comes to players who bring fun to the NFL, Marshawn Lynch is definitely at the top of the list. And this is despite all of his encounters with the NFL leadership, the rumors of friction with the Seattle Seahawks, and the allegations that he’s attempting to build a time machine and steal the Declaration of Independence. The last one is made up because Marshawn Lynch would probably love it– and he might do it too. Why else do you think he hasn’t spent any of that cash?

Anyway, Lynch is now officially retiring. And instead of calling out to Budweiser or kissing a pizza dictator, Lynch went ahead and let his actions do the talking. He literally hung up his cleats and put Beastmode to sleep. The end of a career that featured some highs and lows, plenty of Skittles, and this:


That’s college, but you have to count collegiate accomplishments into someone’s career. How else will we give praise to guys like Matt Leinart? Also it’s too cool not to talk about, sorta like the time Lynch stole the equipment cart after a game at Cal.

To close this out, let’s remember the time that Lynch got to hang out with Kenny Mayne and ended up taking control of the soda dispenser at Applebee’s. It was clear from the very start that Lynch was a fun player and it only helps that he was pretty good too.