Marshawn Lynch Reportedly Hasn’t Spent A Single Penny Of His NFL Money

Now that Marshawn Lynch has literally hung up his sneakers, letting the world know he was retiring in a tweet during the Super Bowl, let’s marvel at how he managed his money during his NFL career. Ian Rapoport went with a “Thrift Mode” but “Be Stingy Mode” is better because it sounds like “Beast” but it also conveys the idea he saved…OK, maybe “Thrift Mode” is better. But Rapoport told all this to 950 KJR in Seattle.

“Marshawn Lynch has a lot of money,” Rapoport said. “He hasn’t spent a dime of his actual playing money … ever.”

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According to Business Insider, Lynch has earned $49.7 million during his NFL career and according to Forbes, he makes about $5 million in endorsements from brands that include Pepsi and Skittles. Lynch probably finds a way to get by on the endorsement money while letting his NFL money earn a fair amount of interest.

I like to imagine scenarios where Lynch is in situations where he only has NFL money on him and refuses to spend it to keep his streak intact. He’s at a gas station rest stop, dying for a bag of Skittles but only has a few thousand dollars from the Seahawks in a pocket because he hasn’t gotten to the bank yet…so he asks for two bucks from Russell Wilson.