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The Porsche SUV registered to Marshawn Lynch was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Buffalo last weekend, and now it looks like the second-year running back and fan favorite was likely the one behind the wheel.  Two different sources claim that as many as four witnesses saw Lynch hit a woman who was crossing the street.

According to the police report, the SUV… hit a female pedestrian who was attempting to cross the street. Police confirm there was front end damage to the car, and the report says a broken off piece of the car was recovered at the scene and turned in as evidence…

Several staff members of a nearby bar tell us they saw a woman lying in the street for approximately 15 minutes, but they say the woman eventually got up under her own power and walked to an awaiting ambulance.

"Oh!  Did you see that?!?  That chick just got hit by a car!  Do you think she's okay?"  "Well, she's lying in the street.  Let's wait a while to see if she gets up."  "Should we go over and give first aid?"  "Meh."

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