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Bills running back Marshawn Lynch isn’t just a fantasy stud and a 21st century e.e. cummings.   He devotes his entire life to being awesome, as evidenced by his Sporting News Today profile (via TSB, naturally).  Let’s learn a little more about Marshawn together…

What’s on my iPod: Messy Marv, The Jacka, Lil Webbie, Lil’ Boosie, Clyde Clarkson, Hustler, J Stylin, Keak The Sneak and da Farmboyz, Killa Tank, Lee Majors, Mistah F.A.B., 2Pac, Sleepy D.

Sooo… who else feels really white?  I get the feeling we have slightly different playlists.  Nothing, however, can top the selections of the profile that come next.

What I drive: ’71 Green four-door Cadillac Seville, on 28s with 24″ 10s in the trunk; ’72 Green Chevelle on deuces; 1996 Green Impala on sixes; Green Cayenne Porsche.

On my office walls: A mural of me and everything important in my life that my cousin painted. It includes my mama, penguins, the skyline of Oakland, “Family First,” footballs, and my goddaughter.

Talent I’d most like to have: Mackin’. Straight mackin’. No, I’d like to have the talent of a magician, so I could hypnotize all of the ladies!

Favorite meal: Fried chicken, spaghetti, and red Kool-Aid — unless my cousin made the blue

My bucket list: I don’t really think about that too often but I would like to go to Africa and see what’s up over there.  [Yeah, go see about that thing. -Ed.] Also, the Philippines and Asia.  Go to Fiji and see if the water is really like that.  And also, I am going to go down in history for something.  I’m not sure yet, but it will be something good.

“Go to Fiji and see if the water is really like that.”  That really just happened.  Oh, Marshawn is going to down in history, all right.  For being awesome.

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