Seahawks Players Aren’t Convinced Marshawn Lynch Is Actually Retiring

marshawn lynch media day lede
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It’s been widely reported that Marshawn Lynch is giving up football at the age of 29 to spend his remaining days doing anything else besides getting crunched by humongous men 16+ weeks per year. There are worse decisions a man can make, like hitching his wagon to Skittles instead of Starburst.

Skittles stink. Starburst rule.

Anyway, despite Lynch’s artistic proclamation of retirement on Twitter and all the reports saying he’s done, some teammates are skeptical.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report says some players believe Lynch will change his mind during the offseason.

“Numerous players from the Seattle Seahawks have some doubts here about whether Lynch is actually going to follow through on his decision to retire. Many of those players believe that Lynch will ultimately have a change of heart sometime during the offseason.”

The premise that Lynch will miss the Seahawks’ offseason program then text coach Pete Carroll, “Hey, man, I was just thinking, you need a running back?” seems to make a lot of sense. It’s sort of like when you get to be a senior in college and realize you never need to be at a course’s first class when all the professor does is read the syllabus for an hour. You’re a savvy veteran who only needs someone to get you the syllabus, then you can show up only when you must.

One thing is for sure, though: Marshawn doesn’t need the money.

(Via Bleacher Report)