Marshawn Lynch Looks Like He Hasn’t Missed A Beat In This Video From Raiders Practice

Associate Editor


Marshawn Lynch being back in the NFL is fantastic news. The football world is a better place when Lynch is an active member of it, both because he’s a fascinating personality who mixes being legitimately hilarious and soberingly insightful, and because he’s good at making the grown men who line up on defense look foolish.

It’s fair to wonder if that second thing will still be the case seeing as how he’s been out of the NFL for a year – you’d imagine it’s hard to be as strong, quick, or well-conditioned as Lynch was during his Seahawks days when you’ve been on the sideline for a year. Obviously we won’t have an answer until the Oakland Raiders take the field and give him the football in a game situation, but based on this video tweeted out by Jack Del Rio, Lynch looks like he’s still able to activate Beast Mode.

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