Marshawn Lynch Makes It As Clear As He Possibly Can That He’s Done Playing Football

Marshawn Lynch seemingly retired after last season, but some people don’t want to accept this fact. Lynch walked away while he was still relatively healthy and productive, and everybody loves Beast Mode, so there are those holding out hope, or at least not closing the door on Lynch returning to the NFL. Even people within the NFL, and people who know Lynch, don’t want to say it is certain. There is one man, however, willing to say definitively that Marshawn Lynch is retiring, and that’s Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch was interviewed for 60 Minutes Sports by Jon Wertheim, that will air on Showtime on Tuesday. His agent Doug Hendrickson was also interviewed. He was not definitive in talking about Lynch’s retirement. Hendrickson said, “I think if you could write the perfect story as far as the last year of his career if he played again, to come back to Oakland, it makes sense right? But the reality is he told them he’s done… With Marshawn I’ll never say never.”

It makes sense Hendrickson wouldn’t say Lynch is definitely retired, because he’s an agent and he wants to give his client a potential out, and also from his personal perspective he probably wouldn’t mind getting a little more cash. Lynch, though, did not equivocate. When it comes to interviews, he’s often been a man of few words, and he was to the point when it came to clarifying his retirement plans. Staring down the camera, Beast Mode simply stated, “I’m done. I’m not playing football anymore.”

There you have it. If you were hoping Lynch would rethink his retirement, you might want to let that go. People wanted Barry Sanders to return too, and that didn’t happen. You can add Lynch to the list of running backs who retired with something in the tank.

(Via CBS Sports)

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