Martellus Bennett Scared The Crap Out Of Tom Brady Just By Saying Hello

02.03.17 2 years ago

New England Patriots quarterback and Donald Trump’s good friend Tom Brady is apparently an easily frightened person. There was Brady at the podium, in the middle of a boring answer that no one possibly cared, about when someone called his name.

“Hi, Tom!”

It was the voice of Martellus Bennett, the only likable member of the least-likable football team in the world. It was friendly. A little high-pitched. It was silly. Brady continued with his answer that will probably be quoted in some publication that will go out of business in a year then wonder why that happened. But that was not the end of it.

“Scared the crap out of me right there.”

Really? You heard your name playfully exclaimed during a press conference and that rattled you? Is this the secret to getting to Brady on the field? Just line up across from him and say, “Hi, Tom!” and he’ll be unable to focus on anything but the crippling fear flowing through his heart.

“Marty, go to sleep. Go rest.”

He’s actually bothered by someone interrupting his boring press conference. Although … wait … hang on … I’ve got it!

Brady gives boring answers all the time in an attempt to get people to fall asleep in his overpriced pajamas. It’s diabolical.

(NFL on YouTube)

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