03.15.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

Well, that was terrible for my heart. Fourth-seeded Maryland just survived #13 Davidson 82-70, but not before my blood pressure took a year off of my life. Davidson's Stephen Curry — who of course I had never heard of until today because I know nothing about college basketball — scored 30 points before fouling out near the end of the game, and Maryland's balanced attack survived the lights-out shooting that the Wildcats put up in the first half.

Why do I care about Maryland? Because, um, I picked them to go to the Final Four.

Hey, stop laughing! Everyone and their mother picked Florida to make it out of that region. And when everybody is absolutely certain that a team is going to make it, that's when you're supposed to go the other way, right? Right?

Oh, fuck off. I said I didn't know anything about college basketball.

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