Maryland Almost Scored On The Most B1G Play You’ll Ever See

The general consensus among Twitter’s college football media is that the botched-fair-catch-cum-touchdown-return in the Maryland-West Virginia game is we’ll never see that play again. It was that whacky.

Watch the whole thing above, because it’s the paragon in derpy college football plays. Here’s the background, though: West Virginia punted to Maryland near the end of the second quarter when Maryland’s William Likely called fair catch. A Mountaineers player then ran into Likely during the motion when the ball deflected wildly towards midfield. Terrapins defensive end Alvin Hill scooped it and ran in for the score.

Fair play, right? Not quite. The referees called the ball back because a ball can’t move forward after a player signals fair catch. Bummer.

The Terrapins eventually scored, coming back from a second quarter deficit of 28-6 to make it 28-20 at halftime.