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A lot of my Jewish friends bemoan the fact that there aren't enough Jewish athletes to cheer for in sports.  Well, take heart, Chosen People, because there are plenty of mascot mensches that are reason enough to get your tuches to the arena.  Not only is Maryland's faithful turtle — sorry, terrapin — Testudo about to get his Bar Mitzvah, he's just one of many who have entered manhood at the campus Hillel.  Dan Steinberg reports:

In the fall of 2004, Syracuse's Otto the Orange was Bar Mitzvahed. " 'Otto came and tore down the house,' said Jacob Perlin, communications vice president for Hillel. 'He came in dancing and everyone went crazy.'… Otto entered and danced the horah…

In March of 2006, UNC's Ramses was Bar Mitzvahed. … That fall, Miami's Sebastian the Ibis was Bar Mitzvahed. "The party lasted three hours, but Sebastian did not read from the Torah …One thing no one was sure of was whether Sebastian actually was a member of the Jewish faith.

Sheesh.  Leave it to the mascot in Miami to be a non-practicing Jew.  I bet he still has time to guilt-trip his children about how they never visit, though.

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