12.21.06 11 years ago 4 Comments

Sexy With Leather tipsters Gen and Kristine pointed me to this tale of delicious female wrestling in my old stomping grounds of southern Illinois:

Rhonda Cato, 48, was charged Monday with misdemeanor obscenity and violating the liquor code after what happened last Thursday at the Palace Tavern, where authorities say patrons grappled in a shallow, inflatable children's pool filled with mashed spuds.

Cato… was charged because female participants allegedly pulled up each others' shirts as about 30 to 40 people watched during matches staged while the tavern's doors were locked.

That's bullshit. What does Cato think she's doing? Any promoter knows that you don't put together an evening of women's mashed potato wrestling without gravy.

(For more photos of mashed potato wrestling, check out this gallery at If you're into that sort of thing. Perverts.)

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