Masoli Robs Frats, Smokes Weed, Leaves Oregon

06.10.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

At least I still have this sweet beard

Only a couple months removed from a fraternity robbing which earned him a season long suspension, Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli has been removed from the pride of Eugene’s football team. Masoli’s departure from the team was implemented after he failed to live up to the standards set for him by coach Chip Kelley after the robbery in January. The decision comes two days after the quarterback was pulled over while driving with a suspended license, at which time marijuana (/gasp!) was found in his glove box. When asked for comment, Josh Howard expressed his displeasure at not being bummed a bong rip.

A Springfield police officer patrolling the Gateway area on Monday cited Masoli, 21, on charges of possessing less than 1 ounce of pot, driving with a suspended license and failure to stop at a driveway or sidewalk. All three charges are noncriminal violations that carry fines upon conviction.

But because Masoli is already on probation as a result of a previous criminal conviction, it’s possible that his Springfield marijuana case could result in additional punishment.

Masoli was placed on one year of probation in March after he pleaded guilty in Lane County Circuit Court to burglarizing the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house west of the UO campus. –The Register Guard

It’s a shame, really. Masoli, who had only two seasons at Oregon after being recruited out of Junior College, is a seriously talented football player who let his stupidity get the best of him. Which is a surprise, because this type of behavior from a football player is unheard of. I would have never expected that a football player would make such an awful decision after being forgiven for a past mistake. And I would have never expected drug use from an athlete of his prominence. Especially not from someone who’s expected to be a role model for children. Despite Masoli’s talent, it’s needless to say that the team is better off without him. The last thing the Oregon football team needs is a negative influence to corrupt their players. They’re such upstanding young men. Highlights from Masoli’s short-lived Oregon career after the jump.

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