Matt Barkley’s Got To Stop Betting Against Other Cardinals Quarterbacks

Whether they earn the NFC’s top seed or not, the Arizona Cardinals are headed into the playoffs. What Matt Barkley might want to find out is whether they’ll continue to have weekly quarterback competitions in practice, because at this rate, he might want to just start bowing out.

We’ve previously seen Mr. Barkley forced to head out to midfield and dance in nothing but his underwear and some Gatorade towel chaps, but this week’s bet took away even the safety of the chaps: Barkley ran out of the locker room during the pre-game period and out to the field in nothing but his underwear, a shoulder-shawl of sorts, and a pair of Ugg boots.

In related news, we’re particularly intrigued by his underwear choice: is that team-specific boxer briefs?! Do teams provide team-specific attire for every inch of their bodies? A quick search in the NFL Shop turned up nothing but thongs, evidently the league does not envision its male fans wanting to “support” their team down below.

But on eBay…success! What appears to be the same pair Barkley is sporting, sold through unofficial channels.

Whether these bets continue into the postseason remains to be seen, but for Barkley’s sake, he might want to try and get out of them. He’s got to be running out of outfits by now.

(Via theScore)