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Arizona Cardinals quarterback / baby-daddy / man-whore to the stars Matt Leinart made news when he fired uber-agency CAA for undisclosed reasons last week.  This week, SPORTSbyBROOKS un-undiscloses those reasons: 

SbB has recently learned that… the main reason Leinart rejected the representation superpower is he was enraged that Peyton Manning, also a CAA client and repped by [Tom] Condon, got to host "Saturday Night Live" before he did. Seriously.

Brooks doesn't come close to hinting at what kind of source he has, so this hilarious tidbit of news will have to stay filed under "Internet rumor," but I, for one, believe it.  Not because it's believable — it sounds entirely too ridiculous — but because Brooks not only has a rep for getting the inside track on stories, but also because he's out in LA, doin' what he do, and people out there have notoriously loose lips.  So, at the very least, this is a real-world rumor, and not merely an Internet one.

Regardless, I don't understand why he'd be angry.  If he wants to be on a show no one watches, I'm sure the Blog Show will have him as a guest.

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