Matt Leinart Is Who We Thought He Was

08.27.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

The word coming out of Arizona is that Derek Anderson will start over Matt Leinart in the Cardinals’ third preseason game against the Chicago Bears tomorrow night. Wait, I thought Derek Anderson sucked. That stuff him about competing for the starting job when he signed with the team in May…that was serious?

“I don’t think we performed the way we want to perform on offense this preseason and we’re going to look at a number of different players in different spots,” said coach Ken Whisenhunt who, when asked what he was looking for Saturday, said “first downs.”

Leinart will play in the second quarter and into the second half, and Whisenhunt said Anderson is not necessarily the starter going forward, only that he wanted to see how the team and players responded to the move. –The Huddle/USA Today.

Their numbers have been about even in the preseason (maybe Leinart has a little bit of an edge) but this might speak more to the fact that Leinart is just not into playing football as much as being a football player. Just think if Roethlisberger had Leinart’s good looks; the line to the Milledgeville ladies’ room would be even longer.

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