It Only Took Three Days For Matt Mitrione’s Eye To Look ‘Normal’ Again

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Matt Mitrione’s right eye did not have a fun Sunday night. As an Ultimate Fighter, one expects to get banged up during a fight, but what Matt experienced during his fight with heavyweight fighter and Ronda Rousey beau Travis Browne was much worse than typical. He got poked in the eye not once but twice, and wasn’t given enough time to recover from either incident.

He went into the third round seeing double, and afterwards mentioned he actually shut his right eye just so he could see a single fighter in front of him. Unfortunately, that allowed Browne to hit him with a huge overhand that cracked Matt’s orbital bone and led to his defeat. The injury quickly swelled up to egg-shaped proportions, leaving UFC announcers and fans alike horrified.


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Fortunately, it was nothing a good doctor couldn’t fix. “Guess who’s got 2 eyes again!” Mitrione gushed on Twitter with a huge smile. “Great big, HELL YES to binocular fusion! Driving back to Purdue from Florida.”

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