Matthew McConaughey’s Best Performance Of 2016 Was This Speech He Gave To The Texas Longhorns

Oscar-winning actor and Lincoln ad-man Matthew McConaughey is one of the most well-known graduates of the University of Texas and even returned this summer to the school as one of their newest professors. He’s a long-time friend of former head coach Mack Brown and one of the Longhorns’ most ardent supporters. So of course he decided to give a little pep talk to the team ahead of their prime-time match up against Notre Dame!

It ain’t quite “Win one for the Gipper” or “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” but we have to give the guy credit: his dramatic tone is enough to get us off the bench and into the game. Others, maybe not so much:

ABC shared some of the speech during the game broadcast and also mentioned he hung around the whole practice, speaking to players and asking questions. He’s clearly figured out how the NCAA works and realized professors don’t make nearly as much money as the football coaches.

It might be best for a career change, as even the Oscar winner apparently can’t save his latest film The Sea of Trees.

The good news for McConaughey is that his Longhorns got walloped 38-3 at Notre Dame last year, so, giving a pep talk couldn’t make things any worse, right? And maybe if they win, Texas will give him an even better class to teach next summer: motivational speaking!