Matthew McConaughey Gave A Passionate Defense Of Texas Coach Charlie Strong

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11.22.16 3 Comments

Word on the street is that Charlie Strong might be fired after the Texas Longhorns play TCU on Friday. Win or lose, “reports” have Texas athletic director Mike Perrin giving Strong the boot after three lackluster seasons, with the final straw being the Longhorns’ 21-24 loss to 2-9 Kansas last Saturday. Under Strong, Texas is 5-6 this season and 16-20 since he became head coach, and in Texas, the holy land of college football, a losing record is simply unacceptable.

But not to one man.

Not to one pure soul who knows what’s right and what’s good for not just the student-athletes, but also the by-God Texas Longhorns.

That man is Matthew McConaughey, and when someone questions the fate of such an important and celebrated football program, you send your best “creeper” reporter out to find the Academy Award-winning actor and Wild Turkey and Lincoln spokesman when he’s shopping in downtown Austin.

Because only Matthew McConaughey can answer the question: Hey, what’s up with Charlie Strong?

For his entire three years here, he’s had one goal in mind: What’s best for these young men. *nods knowingly* That’s been his goal. And that’s the message that we’ll take forward. That’s the message that the whole university and all our fans and kids are gonna take forward. No doubt, for three years, he’s been about what’s best for these young men and who they are for the rest of their lives. That’s gonna be the legacy of Charlie Strong. That’s the great thing, and that’s why we’re gonna go out and whoop TCU’s ass Friday.

That’s beautiful, man.

So anyway, Charlie Strong will probably be fired on Saturday.

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