Watch Matthew McConaughey’s Chest-Thumping Pep Talk To The University Of Texas Football Team

The McConaissance knows no bounds. After delivering Oscar- and Emmy-worthy performances, CLIO-level ad work, chest thumpin’ improvisations, mindhole-blowing acceptance speeches, mouth-watering trailers, and even making fanny packs seem cool, there’s simply nothing Matthew McConaughey could bring to the screen that would shock us at this point.

With that said, the pep talk McConaughey delivered to his beloved University of Texas Longhorns football squad and head coach Charlie Strong last week will have you ready to run through a brick wall — or at least thump your chest. The talk worked on the Longhorns, too: Texas shut down Kansas last weekend, 23-0.

Considering the Longhorns — whose only other victory this season came against North Texas — face #7 Baylor on Saturday, you gotta think Strong is begging McConaughey to come back and deliver another big speech this week.

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