Matthew Stafford And Andre Roberts Combined For A Gorgeous Touchdown Catch

10.16.16 2 years ago

The Detroit Lions and the St. Louis Rams are both trying to figure out whether or not they’re good at just past the quarter mark of the season, and they’re having a hell of a ballgame while they do it. The Lions had a fourth and goal on the 2-yard line, and in a rare bit of logic, head coach Jim Caldwell went for it. The resulting play is masterful.

Matthew Stafford probably has the biggest arm in the NFL, and he showed it by rocketing a throw to the corner while running in the opposite direction. Andre Roberts then fought through an attempted mugging to come down with a hell of a catch. Jim Caldwell isn’t known as the biggest gambler (though going for it on fourth down from that distance is statistically the correct move), but it was great to see him have faith in his offense. It looked dicey for a second when the Rams’ fearsome pass rush broke through Detroit’s line, but talent can paper over a lot of defects.

E.J. Gaines did everything in his power, beyond the limits of the rules, to make Roberts drop that ball, but the Lions’ third wideout showed off some of the best hand strength this side of Odell Beckham. Well done all around.

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