This Picture Of Matthew Stafford Getting Tackled Without A Helmet Should Be Put On Mount Rushmore

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There are people who think football would be safer if players did not wear helmets, with the logic being that players won’t use their heads as weapons if it’s exposed. While that logic may be a bit flawed, Matthew Stafford showed us that football without helmets would lead to some outstanding facial reactions.

Stafford’s helmet got pulled off during the Lions’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Right after that happened, an Eagles player wrapped Stafford up and started to bring him to the ground. Stafford proceeded to make a bunch of faces that all of us would probably make if we were put into a similar situation.

The good news is that Stafford didn’t get hurt on this play. This could have ended really, really badly, so the fact that he didn’t get banged up despite getting leveled without a helmet on will absolutely cause Lions fans to breathe a big ol’ sigh of relief.

Also, look at his face. The dude expressed the sheer terror of getting drilled by a defender. It’s kind of funny, especially as you watch his face express three separate versions of the phrase “oh crap,” but it also reminds us of how scary playing football can be, especially at this level. Still, we love this so very much and want his face to be immortalized forever.

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Hey President Obama: if you’re reading this, please make this happen.

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