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Dan Steinberg is on the scene at the Redskins' preseason camp, so of course he's spending just as much time reporting on odd fan behavior as he is on the players.  And frankly, that's the way I like it.  His most recent fan profile is on Skins fanatic Kevin McCarthy, also known by the clever moniker "Redskins Tattoo Guy."

His right arm has, among other things, a Redskins helmet, images of the team's three Super Bowl trophies, six empty trophies ("for future fill-ins"), the name and initials of the three Redskins Super Bowl MVPs–John Riggins, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien–and the signatures of those three men…

His back, though, is the real showstopper, with old and new team helmets and the names, numbers, positions and years inducted for all 20 Redskins in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, made to resemble a football card. There's an empty space of about an inch-and-a-half at the bottom, which McCarthy figures will be good for two more names–"I was hoping for Darrell Green and Art Monk," he told me.

Wait a second.  Six empty trophies?  How long is this guy expecting to live?  Is he from the future or something?  Maybe Robot Joe Gibbs will be a better coach than the washed-up old man they have at the helm now.

(Special thanks to Agent Steinz for sharing his original photos.) 

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