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Floyd Mayweather Jr. won a split-decision over Oscar De La Hoya last night to capture the junior middleweight title.  Naturally, "Pretty Boy" Floyd was magnanimous in victory:

"It was masterpiece of boxing," Mayweather said. "I showed you why I am the best fighter of this era."

Well spoke sir.  When humility is no longer the order of the day in this sport of kings , I will stop watching it.  Let's hear what else Mr. Mayweather had to say:

"Look at the punch stats and then you can see I'm the new champion," Mayweather said. "I was having fun in there. It was a hell of a fight. I told the fans I would give them a hell of a fight, and that's what I did . . . I just fought the best fighter in our era and I beat him. It was a hell of a fight.

Couldn't he say it was a "H-E-double hockey sticks fight" for the youngsters?  Oh well, he's talking about retiring now (which is always definitive for a boxer – they never come back from retirement), which is just as well because he's not getting much family support.

[Floyd] Mayweather Sr., however, said he thought De La Hoya, 34, won.  "I thought Oscar won the fight," he said. "My son had better defense and caught a lot of punches, but I think Oscar pressed the fight and did enough to win."

Wow, I thought my dad was tough on me when I brought home 94%s on Latin exams, but Floyd Sr. has pushed critical parenting into a whole other realm.  He is undoubtedly referred to as the Joan Crawford of the Sweet Science. -KD  

Picture Note: Lovely Ali is an Octagon Girl for UFC, and thus the photo is fight related.

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