Floyd Mayweather Felt He Owed Fans His Fight With Conor McGregor After His Disappointments With Manny Pacquiao

We’re inching closer and closer to the superfight between Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor, finally put all the speculation, sparring controversies, and trash talk to rest. Like any good fighter, both men think they’re going to walk away with the victory and will not hesitate to tell you so. That’s exactly what Mayweather did during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, telling the host that he does not like Conor McGregor and he’s going to come at the MMA champion to take a more active role than he has in previous fights. The undefeated boxer keeps saying he will knock out McGregor, but it’s one of those thing we’ll have to see to believe.

One thing he admits is that he finally agreed to take on this fight because of the disappointing road he took with his fight with Manny Pacquiao. Instead of fighting the Filipino star in his prime, Mayweather and Pacquiao seemed to play cat and mouse for years until the interest in the fight dwindled. It still made a ton of money, but was not the landmark event fans and experts expected when it was first hinted at in 2009. So it seems that the similar path to this fight — and the payday connected to it — had an influence on Mayweather’s decision making.

Elsewhere during the interview, Kimmel begins to hit Mayweather with some questions about gambling on the fight and the many crazy bets you can make. They seem to range from Conor McGregor being knocked down in the fight to Lil Wayne showing up in a shirt or not. There’s also a bet about Justin Bieber, leading to an honest moment from Mayweather regarding the current troubles for young pop star.

Mayweather also confirms that he can bet on the fight, likely making Pete Rose wonder why he never tried out boxing, and even tells Kimmel that he’ll back any bets he makes to pay him back if he loses money. That’s essentially playing with house money, meaning you go crazy and hit up the free soda fountain on your way out of the building. Take advantage, especially if it’s Floyd Mayweather’s money.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)