The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Is Such A Big Deal That Reddit Is Locking Illegal Stream Threads

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Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are doing a bit of a thing on Saturday night, and it seems like the whole world has taken notice. People crowded into bars to watch Mayweather and McGregor box in one of the biggest pay-per-view boxing events ever. Others sat at home with family and friends enjoying it from the comfort of their own home.

The fight between one of the greatest boxers and greatest MMA fighters of the century is sure to be a big draw for law-abiding citizens who feel it necessary to pay for a PPV feed. But for the internet urchins who want it for free, the event was much different. Finding an illegal stream of the feed to watch on your tablet or computer is always a bit hit or miss, both in quality and in your ability to escape the occasion without a computer virus.

But Reddit, where most get their streams from, took the nearly unprecedented step of locking the boxing streams page to prevent people from posting their streams in the feed. R/Boxing Streams had just five posts on it as of the start of the card on Saturday evening. The main thread was fairly organized and you could get a working feed by fight time, but it’s a bit step

Reddit has locked down its streams in anticipation of the crush of people trying to take advantage of those looking to save a bit of money on the fight. With the amount of attention Mayweather/McGregor is getting, doing so is smart. It’s also just as smart to lock it down and keep the riff raff away.