Dueling Clips Of Floyd Mayweather And McGregor Training May Make You Worried For Conor’s Safety

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We’re a few months away from the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing match and the overwhelming conclusion of sports experts and fans is that McGregor has no chance. How could he? He has no professional experience in boxing, and he’s taking on one of the fastest, most technical boxers in the history of the sport. Both Conor and Floyd are hoping their war of words (set to take place during a TBA world tour) will be enough to make a record number of people buy their pay-per-view fight, but footage of the two sparring certainly isn’t convincing anyone that the fight itself will be competitive.

Here’s new footage of Floyd Mayweather working a speedbag:

Floyd is back in the gym preparing for McGregor 👀

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And now take a look at Conor McGregor hitting a heavy bag and tell us you aren’t concerned for his health come August 26th.

You've never seen these moves. #Ghost

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It’s important to note that speedbag training and heavy bag training are completely different. Of course Floyd looks faster than Conor … he’s working on his speed here while McGregor is working on power. But it certainly throws into question the assumption that Mayweather might be old and slow enough these days for McGregor to catch and hurt him on fight night.

McGregor continues to be extremely confident regarding his preparations, hitting that #ghost hashtag on the regular in his social media postings.

And according to his head coach John Kavanagh, they’re ahead of schedule with training.

“We have two more weeks in Ireland, then the guys will head to Las Vegas,” Kavanagh said, laying out the timeline for the fight. “We’ll then have six week in Vegas before the fight, but I watched the session today and said we would be ready in three weeks.”

Many wondered if August 26th was too soon for McGregor to prepare but here his team is saying he’ll be ready in three more weeks! Either they’ve got one of the best game plans ever devised in sports history or they’re completely delusional. It’s hard to give McGregor the benefit of the doubt, even though his MMA career has been one long string of proving people wrong. And at this point, the more footage we see of Mayweather and McGregor boxing, the more worried we’re becoming for Conor’s safety.

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