McCourt/Selig is the Older, Whiter Pacquiao/Mayweather

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.29.11 4 Comments

Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt continues to show the respect and grace that made him a great husband and one of the best owners in baseball by going on MSNBC Thursday and accusing commissioner Bud Selig of “ducking” him. Bud is such a wimp, Frank told him to meet him at the bus stop after school for a fight and Bud didn’t even show up!

“I want to talk to Bud, and I want to know why he’s ducking me,” McCourt said during an appearance on MSNBC Thursday. “I’m here to solve a problem, not make a problem, and you know, we’ll deal with the next steps if he says. I can’t make a person talk to me and can’t make a person focus on the issue.”

One step away from turning into Bryce on season two of “The Joe Schmo Show” (eesh, I typed that and even I don’t get the reference), McCourt insists that if he could “just talk” to Bud, the Dodgers’ issues would be resolved and everything would be fine.

“I just want to talk to Bud … I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more. You know, guys, we all you know run into different jams at different times, and how do you solve them? You communicate.”

He’s like that awful guy on the Internet who quotes your paragraph and responds to it line by line, insisting that HE isn’t the one getting mad, YOU’RE the one getting mad. Stuff like this reminds you of why Jamie McCourt had to go get her headaches healed by John Redcorn. Okay, that one I get.

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