A Huge Brawl Broke Out In The Concourse At The McDonald’s All-American Game

The above video features a horrible crime — a vertically recorded video — and also a brawl involving about a dozen people on the concourse of United Center in Chicago. This occurred during the McDonald’s All-American Game on Wednesday, so these are likely all rowdy teens rumbling over Nick Jonas or something.

No arrests or injuries were reported, according to the Chicago Tribune, which received a statement from game’s organizers.

“Naturally, we are disappointed by this kind of activity, which runs counter to the spirit of the McDonald’s All American Games.”

They said order was restored by United Center security and Chicago police officers. But the police News Affairs Office said it was not aware of any fight at the United Center.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said officers assigned to the center may have handled it on their own. “It was most likely addressed by patrol officers at the venue if we didn’t get a 911 call on it,” he said in an email.

Sometimes teens fight. It’s what makes them teens. No one was hurt, so now police can focus on apprehending the true criminal that took this video on his or her phone vertically. If we don’t teach the kids the proper way to shoot videos, we may be doomed to vertical videos for all eternity.

Also gigantic brawls are bad.

(Chicago Tribune)