There Have Been More Bets On McGregor In The Hour Before The Fight Than Mayweather Over The Last Two Months

Maybe it’s the casual fight fans, or the Irish betting on their champion and luck, but an unprecedented amount of bets have come in on Conor McGregor in the hour leading up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather. As you see above, in the last hour, just about three hours before May and Mac walk out to the ring (as of this writing), there have been more bets on McGregor than Mayweather in the last 74 days. That’s insane.

With the knowledge that the average bet on McGregor and his ever-closing line is $200, that means people are betting more and more on a fighter that won’t win then that much money if/when he wins. Big “if.”

Will Hill broke it down:

Tonight’s Mayweather vs McGregor fight will be the biggest sports decision in William Hill US history. The worse-case result, a McGregor win by KO/TKO/DQ in the first four rounds, is currently a multimillion liability for America’s leading sports book operator.

Since re-opening for wagering this morning, William Hill’s 108 Nevada Sports Books and Mobile Sports app have been booking 19 bets on Conor McGregor for every 1 bet on Floyd Mayweather. Bettors at William Hill Sports Books have placed more McGregor money line bets in the past hour than total Mayweather money line bets booked since the fight was announced 74 days ago.

To put this in perspective, Will Hill also stated that, as of 4:30 PM Vegas time, Mayweather/McGregor has had 50 percent more bets than Mayweather/Pacquiao, making it the most bet on fight in history. In recent days, it’s been said that 95 percent of bets have gone on McGregor, with multiple million-dollar bets.