The Final Stop Of The Mayweather-McGregor World Tour Was Low-Key, But Featured A Promise Of A UFC Rematch

The final stop on the accurately-described sh*tshow that was the Mayweather-McGregor World Tour started out slightly respectful in London. It was Conor McGregor’s 29th birthday, so he reminded everyone that he was headlining one of the biggest fights ever. The Irish were out in full-force, and once again, no one gave Mayweather any love.

McGregor loved the “sit down shut up” chants from his raucous supporters.

Mayweather kept egging on the fans who were chanting over him, saying “he owns Ireland” to which they replied, “pay your taxes.”

That said, if Mayweather took round 1 and 3 of this press conference, he fell way flat on this one. Way flat. He was a stand up who lost control of the room. It was awkward and funny.

Mayweather finally made a good dig when he played a “tap out” song, referencing McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz, but the crowds once again turned on him.

After day three was filled with unfortunate racial comments, Mayweather called McGregor a “f*ggot” which was meant with near-silence. Not good.

Things got slightly back on track after days of trash talk. McGregor was literally sweating while May seemed cool as a cucumber, but they discussed the gravity of the fight and how amazing it is that McGregor is here just four years after fighting in front of 500 people.

In the end, the final conference was low-key, which is what you can expect out of the madness of the previous pressers, and the only highlight here was McGregor saying there would be a UFC rematch, but we all know that won’t happen.