McGregor And Mayweather Came Together To Shut Down A Heckler At Their Final Press Conference

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08.23.17 2 Comments

So the circus has visited London, LA, Toronto and New York to end up in Vegas and it seems like it has limped to the finish line. Or maybe the promotion is over, and the final pre-fight press conference was merely a formality. A way for a long table lined with executives to congratulate each other on the billion-dollar battle to come.

The first 40 minutes was a snoozefest, and even when Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather made it to the microphone, it was a subdued affair. McGregor repeated his usual talking points, and even discussed ownership of the UFC in the future while a Mayweather fan/part of May’s entourage constantly shouted at the UFC champ. This led to Mayweather motioning for him to calm down multiple times.

The guy quieted down for a bit, but he was still shouting about McGregor betting on the fight, to which McGregor responded with “we can bet on the purses.” Mayweather did not want that. When Mayweather stepped to the mic, like McGregor he was calm and cool:

“We need to conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion. Everyone can talk about betting, at the end of the day it comes down to me and the guy I’m competing against. MMA or boxing, we’re fighters at the end of the day. To be in the game 21 years, I had to take it extremely seriously. If you think I’m not taking Saturday serious, I am. 49-0, I’m not receiving it, I’m getting it.”

Then they fighters faced off and had to tell the guy talking trash to be quiet yet again. In fact, it was a weird moment in which McGregor and Mayweather came together. Not unlike how they’ll probably enjoy a big bottle of champagne once they’re done fighting on Saturday. Because my god, this belt they’re fighting for.

Next up: The weigh-ins.

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