Here’s What We Know As Dana White Gives Details On The Fight Weight, Glove Size And Venue For McGregor-Mayweather

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06.14.17 3 Comments

Now that we know Conor McGregor is actually about to step into a boxing ring to fight Floyd Mayweather, there’s a bit of a numbness after the celebration. What now? Should we be doing something? It feels like preparations need to be made. But what? All we can do now is sit back and let the details wash over us. Everything will be right in due time. This is the highest level of promotion here, and like clockwork, Dana White visited ESPN to give some promotion to a fight that needs none, as well as give fans insight into exactly how this fight is going down.

“I talked to Conor McGregor this morning, and when you talk to this kid it’s fascinating. He is 100% positive he’s winning this fight. When two men step into the ring, anything is possible. Floyd is 40 years old and he’s always had trouble with the southpaw. Conor is 27 years old and is a southpaw. He will try to go after Floyd Mayweather and he will try to knock him out.”

Dana seems like a guy who is a year removed from making $400 million off the UFC sale, now he’s about to make a bunch more from this fight. Beyond the promoter talk, here’s what we know:

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